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Welcome to Brooks Alternative Agency Inc where we are devoted to improving the quality of life for the individuals we serve. If you would like to be a part of a caring and dedicated company, please look at our job listings to select a position that is perfect for you.

We are always looking for talented individuals who are excited to help others. It is our goal to connect caring and talented individuals with patients in need so that all parties can flourish.



  • Minimum 18 years of age – AND –
  • Complete State/Federal Criminal Background checks and Central Registry checks
  • Valid driver’s license and abstract (not to exceed 5 points) if driving is required
  • Pass a Drug Test
  • Pass a Child and Adult Abuse Clearance
  • Completion of provided training
  • CPR and First Aid Training
  • Outstanding organizational and people skills.
  • Support from staff to enable an individual to attend an event, take a class, etc.
  • Support from staff to assist an individual participating in activities such as: assistance incompleting activities of daily living, ordering off a menu, purchasing items, learning basiccooking, laundry skills, etiquette, travel training, accessing activities in the community, etc.
  • One-on-one tutoring
  • Support on a job site to assist in basic self-care, social skills, and activities of daily living.
  • Medication Reminders (upon completion of required training)
  • Location : New Jersey & PA
  • Facility : TBD
  • Professional Area : Support Services & Home Care
  • Department : Supportive Services
  • Schedule : Full Time/Part-Time/Per Diem
  • Pay Rate : TBD
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Job Summary

The Supports Coordinator will engage individuals and their families in the development of plans that assure the needs and wishes of the consumers are addressed and life opportunities expanded. Supports Coordinators assist in the choice of services and supports, coordinate the provision of services and supports, and monitor the delivery of services and supports. This employee will promote individuality, choice and control. This position will be performed consistently with the values, principals and philosophy of The Everyday Lives Publications, Quality Progressions, and all applicable policies and procedures. The employee will have a strong foundation of experience in providing supports coordination or services to people with intellectual/developmental disabilities. This employee will have a strong belief that people with disabilities can achieve outcomes, have value, and contribute to their community. All decisions and actions of the employee will be consistent with the agency mission statement and will be completed with a customer service focus. The employee must be proficient in the use of computers and with HCSIS.


  • Effective Oral Communication
  • Effective Written Communications
  • Technical Communications
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Diplomacy
  • Professionalism
  • Customer Service
  • Excellent Organization & Time Management
  • Computer Literacy
  • File Management
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite Knowledge of Databases preferred
  • Ability to pass background screens
  • A reliable car


  • Degree: A Bachelor’s Degree in an applicable field.


  • Prior human services work experience is helpful.
  • Completes assessments to identify each person’s needs and desires. This will include the use of formal and informal tools to gather information needed to assist the person to identify their needs and wishes.
  • Assists the person to develop their Individual Support Plan and personal budget. Updating the ISP as needed and at least annually. This is to be completed with a person centered approach.
  • Supports the person to identify the outcomes they need to achieve and assures that the ISP addresses these.
  • Identifies the services that will meet the customer’s needs. Completes the referrals. Coordinates the services the person is receiving. Resolves any barriers to the delivery of service. This involves knowing a fully array of options and knowing where to learn of others as needs and interest warrant.
  • Monitors the services to assure they are being delivered as planned and that the outcomes that were identified are being achieved. Monitors to assure the person is safe and in the best possible health.
  • Assists in identifying and sustaining the person’s support network including family, friends, and associates.
  • Assists in arranging for and effectively managing generic resources and generic supports.
  • Assists in identifying and developing community resources to preserve the person’s well-being in the home and community.
  • Awareness of The Everyday Lives Publications, and Quality Progressions and all other applicable policies and procedures.
  • Attends training and continues to remain knowledgeable about current best practices in services to support people with mental retardation.
  • Trains families and consumers on their rights and due process.
  • Develops a professional working relationship with the families and consumers on their caseload. This involves getting to know each person we support.
  • Maintains a customer service focus. This involves meeting with consumers and their family at their availability.
  • Completion of all other duties that are needed to support the consumers and their family and Quality Progressions.
  • Oversight and assistance given to FDSS grants.
  • Takes initiative and exhibits leadership.
  • Performs all other duties as assigned.
  • Location : New Jersey & PA
  • Facility : TBD
  • Professional Area : Case Management
  • Department : Case Management
  • Schedule : Full Time/Part-Time
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Job Summary

Demonstrate proficient skills using Oasis to admit, transfer, re-certify, and discharge home health patients in regard to physician orders. Coordinate and supervise LPN’ s and HHA’s in the delivery of patient care. Maintain compliance with agency policy and procedures. Follow Medicare and Medicaid regulations.

  • 1. Perform the initial home care patient visit and re-evaluate the patient’s needs and progress on a regular basis. *
  • 2. Initiate the plan of care under doctor’s orders. *
  • 3. Perform admission, transfer, re-certification, resumption of care, and discharge Oasis for the home care patient. *
  • 4. Observe, assess, and document symptoms. *
  • 5. Monitor reactions and patient progress. *
  • 6. Educate patients and caregivers on disease process, medications, plan of care, and individualized treatment plans. *
  • 7. Educate patients and caregiver on techniques for in home health care. *
  • 8. Coordinate patient services. *
  • 9. Supervise LVNs and HHA’s. *
  • 10. Notify the physician and other personnel (Clinical Manager, Therapist, and Case Manager) of change in the patient’s condition. *
  • 11. Perform skill outline in the agency’s approved policy and procedure manual. *
  • 12. Discharge the patient from skilled nursing services when the discharge criteria have been met. *
  • 13. Case conference clinicians providing care to ensure coordination of care. *
  • 14. Update clinical records according to policy and procedures. *
  • 15. Update knowledge and skills by attending in-service programs, continuing education programs, seminars, and self-study programs annually. *
  • 16. Provide onsite supervision of LPN/HHA. *
  • 17. Adhere to Medicaid and Medicare regulations. *
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    Job Summary

    Provide nursing care to patient in the home setting. Observe and assess the client and/or caregiver to enhance the quality of life. Demonstrate individualized creativity in educating the patient and/or caregiver. Follow nursing policy and procedure per agency standards. Follow the plan of care according to physician orders. Demonstrate understanding of Medicare and Medicaid regulations.

    • 1. Demonstrate efficient teamwork with the staff.
    • 2. Demonstrate organizational and time management skills.
    • 3. Support quality improvement practices. *
    • 4. Perform nursing procedures according to agency policy and procedures. *
    • 5. Work under the direction of a RN.
    • 6. Monitor reactions and patient progress using observation, assessment, and evaluation skills.
    • 7. Educate patients and family members according to disease process, medications, POC, treatment options, and home care procedures according to the plan of care.*
    • 8. Report to physician and RN of adverse findings. *
    • 9. Follow Medicare and Medicaid regulations. *
    • 10. Coordinate and monitor patient care and services. *
    • 11. Comply with HIPAA regulations in and out of the office.*
    • 12. Follow infection control policy in and out of the office.*
    • 13. Document skilled visit according to Medicare guidelines.*
    • 14. Maintain patient records according to policy and procedures. *
    • 15. Participate in in-services, workshops, seminars, and self-study courses annually. *
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      Job Summary

      Provide supportive and personal services for the patients with consideration of dignity and privacy. Provide personal care and hygiene to home health patients.

      • (1) Home health aide training must include classroom and supervised practical training in a practicum laboratory or other setting in which the trainee demonstrates knowledge while providing services to an individual under the direct supervision of a registered nurse, or a licensed practical nurse who is under the supervision of a registered nurse. Classroom and supervised practical training must total at least 75 hours.
      • (2) A minimum of 16 hours of classroom training must precede a minimum of 16 hours of supervised practical training as part of the 75 hours.
      • (3) A home health aide training program must address each of the following subject areas: a. Communication skills, including the ability to read, write, and verbally report clinical information to patients, representatives, and caregivers, as well as to other HHA staff. b. Observation, reporting, and documentation of patient status and the care or service furnished. c. Reading and recording temperature, pulse, and respiration. d. Basic infection prevention and control procedures. e. Basic elements of body functioning and changes in body function that must be reported to an aide's supervisor. f. Maintenance of a clean, safe, and healthy environment. g. Recognizing emergencies and the knowledge of instituting emergency procedures and their application. h. The physical, emotional, and developmental needs of and ways to work with the populations served by the HHA, including the need for respect for the patient, his or her privacy, and his or her property. i. Appropriate and safe techniques in performing personal hygiene and grooming tasks .i. Bed bath; ii. Sponge, tub, and shower bath; iii. Hair shampooing in sink, tub, and bed; iv. Nail and skin care; v. Oral hygiene; vi. Toileting and elimination; j. Safe transfer techniques and ambulation; k. Normal range of motion and positioning; l. Adequate nutrition and fluid intake; m. Recognizing and reporting changes in skin condition; and n. Any other task that the HHA may choose to have an aide perform as permitted under state law. o. The HHA is responsible for training home health aides, as needed, for skills not covered in the basic checklist, as described in paragraph (b)(3)(ix) of this section.
      • (4) The HHA must maintain documentation that demonstrates that the requirements of this standard have been met.
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        Job Summary

        Provide skilled therapy intervention and treatment to patients in a home setting. Including, appropriate utilization of treatment plans and assessment skills. Monitor carefully the patient status and progress toward goals as well as compliance with physician’s orders. Responsible for educating patients and caregivers while preparing the patient/caregiver for discharge as appropriate.

        • 1. Provide skilled physical therapy in accordance with the physician’s plan of treatment. *
        • 2. Assist the physician in the evaluation and assessment of the client’s level of functioning by applying appropriate tests and assist in the development and revision of the plan of care. *
        • 3. Treat clients to relieve pain, develop and restore function and maintain maximum performance using appropriate physical therapy treatments, modalities and procedures as stated in the physical therapy plan of care. *
        • 4. Observe, record, and report the client’s reaction to treatment and any changes in the client’s condition to the physician, Clinical Manager and Case Manager. *
        • 5. Educate client/caregiver and health care team in the phases of physical therapy in which they may assist the client, in the use of prosthetic and orthotic devices, and durable medical equipment, as appropriate. *
        • 6. Provide staff in-service education as directed by Clinical Manager.
        • 7. Assess and regularly reevaluate the needs of the client. Develops implements and revises the client’s plan of care. *
        • 8. Initiate diagnostic, preventive and rehabilitative procedures as appropriate to the client’s care safety. *
        • 9. Assist with plan of care and maintain continuity of and/or multidisciplinary clients whenever needed to ensure good coordination of care.
        • 10. Promote coordination of care through interdisciplinary case conferences and communication with physician and field staff. *
        • 11. Develop, prepares and maintains individualized client care progress records with accuracy, timeliness and according to agency policy and procedures.
        • 12. Participate in the agency’s quality improvement program. *
        • 13. Keep abreast of physical trends and knowledge for service provision, documentation and care coordination.
        • 14. Participate in staff meetings, in-service programs and Utilization reviews. *
        • 15. Supervise the Physical Therapy Aide at least every 30 days.
          Job Summary

          Oversee and manage employees and employee benefits. Provide guidance to the Administrator on issues related to Human Resources. Maintain a leadership role for the planning and achievement of objectives that are consistent with the company, business and financial goals.

          • 1. Provides strategic insight and manages/delivers core HR support in areas such as employee development, compensation, succession planning, training, recruiting, policies and programs, benefits and employee relations.
          • 2. Implements and annually updates our compensation programs.
          • 3. Rewrites job descriptions as necessary.
          • 4. Conducts annual salary surveys and develops merit pool (salary budget).
          • 5. Analyzes compensation.
          • 6. Monitors performance evaluation program and revises as necessary.
          • 7. Performs/oversees benefits administration to include claims resolution, change reporting, approving invoices for payment, annual re-evaluation of policies for cost effectiveness and evaluation of the Company's total compensation program.
          • 8. Conducts recruitment efforts for all personnel.
          • 9. Participates with new-employee orientations; monitors employee relations.
          • 10. Provides counseling, outplacement counseling and exit interviewing.
          • 11. Writes and posts job advertisements.
          • 12. Effectively partners with all levels of management to develop and implement innovative new policies and programs.
          • 13. Recommends and implements personnel policies and procedures; prepares and maintains handbook on policies and procedures.
          • 14. Ensures effective reporting and analysis of HR data to enable the leadership to make key operational and strategic decisions
          • 15. Acts as the company expert around industry trends and employment legislation and ensures Company compliance with Federal, State and Local requirements.
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